Little-Known Law Forces Children To Pay For Parent's Nursing Care

The "filial responsibility" statute is a South Dakota law which allows nursing home operators or owners to sue the adult children of patients who do not pay. In existence in South Dakota since 1939, this law is based on the Elizabethan Poor Relief Act of 1601.  

The South Dakota News Watch reported on this law just a few days ago, and the article also ran in other papers throughout the state. Stephen Wesolick of  the Wesolick Law Firm in Rapid City contributed to and was interviewed for the article, addressing how reliance by nursing home operators on the "filial responsibility" law can be expanded to recover even more money from families of those in need of long-term care.

Antiquated but applicable? Read the full article in your local newspaper:

Rapid City Journal

The Daily Republic

Watertown Public Opinion

The Capital Journal

Aberdeen News

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